Mission Statement

My name is Raylee Leiman & I am currently 19 years old. I attend Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida where I’m enrolled as a sophomore. At NSU I play Division 2 softball for the Sharks, and no matter where my journey takes me, I will always strive to help those in need.

I am honored and blessed to be trusted by my mentor and coach, Christie Jo (CJ) Parsons, to continue what she started and take over the RBIS4CANCER Foundation.

As I take this Foundation into my own hands, I plan on bringing joy and happiness into the lives of others. Just given an opportunity to do something bigger than myself is a blessing in itself. I believe that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I was always told to give 100% whenever you do something you love. Softball is the sport I love and am very passionate about. Since I am given the chance to help families, I am determined to make a difference in their lives. I am ready to tackle this journey!


I know that times like these are life-changing and what I am doing with this foundation is not going to cure cancer, but I am going to give it my all to help lessen the financial burden. I want to take some stress off of the families who struggle financially and give them the opportunity to spend more time with their child who is going through a tough time. I want them to be less focused on where the money is coming from to pay for the procedures and surgeries, and more focused on being by the side of their child spending laughs, conversations, and time with them.

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The Jessica June Children’s Cancer Foundation (JJCCF) is a nonprofit IRS approved 501(c) (3) public charity founded in 2004 by Sandra Muvdi shortly after the loss of her only child to cancer. The Foundation was created in memory of Jessica June Eiler Muvdi (1996 – 2003).

Its mission is to provide emergency financial assistance for children fighting cancer to ensure access to basic human necessities. The Foundation also advocates for and raises awareness of childhood cancer. read more

My Cause

My Grandmother and Grandfather are both Cancer Survivors. Seeing someone so close to me go through something with such an unexpected outcome was scary. Here is a little bit about their journeys;

In August 2000, my Grandpa, Randy Hanks, was diagnosed with colon cancer. After many blood transfusions, the doctors ended up removing 3 feet of his colon. They reconstructed it through surgery and after an 18- month fight with chemo, he beat it.

In February 2018, my grandma, Marie Hanks, aka Awmee, was diagnosed with Merkle Cell Carcinoma. After multiple procedures to remove the cancer, she won her battle as well. Finishing her fight with cancer, she then went through chemo and the process of reconstructing her face. To this day she continues to go through facial reconstruction.

Both of my grandparents taught me that your mental game has to be stronger than ever when things in life get hard. The moment you give up on yourself is the moment you let the negative overpower you. I have used this lesson during my game and everyday life. My grandparents are my reason WHY. Seeing them go through something that beats you up mentally, physically, and emotionally gives me a purpose. So, as I take on this opportunity, I want to bring these children who do not get to spend their days at school or nights on the field a purpose. A spark of hope or maybe just a simple smile. I want them to see there are people out there rooting for them to win this battle. People who they do not even know are rooting for them. I want these children to wake up in the morning and think “I can do this.” Overall throughout this journey, I am about to begin, I cannot wait to put hope into the less fortunate families who have a child diagnosed with cancer.

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